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 Revenge of Divinity

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Revenge of Divinity

Revenge of Divinity

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PostSubject: Revenge of Divinity   Revenge of Divinity Icon_minitimeTue Mar 27, 2012 11:22 am

Hi my name is James, but I'm Rev or Div in game. I am from the AOL guild where i was officer for about 2 years until, my 1st child was born and then i had a little more on my plate and GW had to be second. I have been playing since 2005, but really started playing in 2007, my main who is a Ranger has finished every campaign and i love parting more than solo, so of course i don't have a lot of titles. If you need help with a quest ill be glad to help, I am trying to finish HM missions, i have Elona completely owned. All missions done HM and NM, Vanquished, Cartographers. Cantha i have Vanquished,Cartographer, and NM Missions done. Tyria i have finished HM missions up to the dessert and all of the desert. So if anyone wants to do these i have no problem doing them again. Please send me a message or hit me up on the AOL forum.
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Revenge of Divinity
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