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 Week in Review March 25 - March 31

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Mizune midori

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Week in Review March 25 - March 31 Empty
PostSubject: Week in Review March 25 - March 31   Week in Review March 25 - March 31 Icon_minitimeTue Apr 03, 2012 7:36 pm

This will be a new thread of topics that will appear weekly where I, Mizune Midori, reviews the week in Guild Wars and give my own personal opinion of favorite Zaishen Mission, Zaishen Bounty and Zaishen Vanquish. I will also post where I farmed nick's gifts if I ever did and talk about it.

This is the first post. The week in review would be last week. Last week's nick item was Throny Carapaces and it wasn't that hard. I was able to farm them by walking from Druid's Overlook to Majesty Rest, where Nick was. However, the drop rates were not in my favor and I had to rezone from Majesty's Rest. I used a standard Signet of Spirits Any/Rt build to farm and it wasn't that bad.

Zaishen Bounty wise, Duncan the Black gave a chance for people to do Slaver's Exile in Hard Mode again for some armor remnants.
Unfortunately, I cannot remember the rest of the Zaishen Things. Look forward to this weeks where hopefully I will remember enough to make more of a better post.
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Week in Review March 25 - March 31
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