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PostSubject: Guild Guidelines   Guild Guidelines Icon_minitimeThu Apr 19, 2012 2:25 pm

These are the guidelines for the guild,to help ensure that we blend together with the other guilds in the alliance. Basic bottom line is no spamming, scamming flaming, swearing, trolling, being a jerk.
If you as a player do or say something(even unknowingly) and are called out on it, just simply stop... It doesn't matter if its a member, officer, or leader doing the asking, just stop.. What isn't tolerated is rehashing something that should have been dropped. We are here to have fun, not drama..
There will be no posting of racial, slurs, name calling, (in poor taste sexual comments), swearing happens on accident, just don't make it the norm.. Also their will be no religious or political discussions please as those typically do nothing but turn into massive flame-wars..
WTB WTS and other market info is fine. If no response is given just wait awhile, in fact you may have better luck in Kamadan..
If other people are involved in a Flame-war in chat, it is best not to become involved because it will be snuffed out quickly..
With many players returning to the game to gain points for their HoM, U will see several questions about builds and other info, (pinged builds) etc.. please don't be negitive, instead be helpful if possible.
No guild hopping within the alliance, we party up with the alliance with regularity so there is no need to shift between guilds.
If you are witness to a flagrant violation of any of the rules within in the alliance and the party involved will not drop the issue, screenshot it.(my word against his word) won't cut it, screenshot the incident and forward to an officer, guild leader, or alliance leader..
Common courtesy among the alliance members, is that if you join a party/team please be sure 1). you have the time to stay for the full (party-up) ask how long it may last if time is a problem.2). Dont constantly go AFK we know semi urgent situations will arise demanding your attention If you have to leave suddenly just let the team know. 3). Never rage-quit or bail it.s just discourteous, if you do ,people in the alliance have memorys long enough to make finding future party-ups and invitations difficult..
Be respectful of one another. How you talk to your friends in-game or real-life is not the way to talk to others who you may not know well enough. Sarcasm is not always easily detected via the typed word and your smart comments may fall short of the intended delivery..
Please don't beg for money,materials or items because you have no cash or lack the ability, instead ask questions and you will be surprised what you will get from the helpful people of the alliance. Also when selling items within the guild or alliance, Please dont rip-off or even attempt to scam a fellow member, many of us are here playing this game in an attempt to remove ourselves from the real life problems and situations. We are all here to have fun, get a few laughs, and hopefully make some new friends.. Enjoy all I hope to see ona and all in game at some point..
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Guild Guidelines
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